About Us

The Estate Planning Council of Pittsburgh was created in 1969 as an outgrowth of the Life Insurance and Trust Council founded in 1936 in Pittsburgh. It is a member-driven, Internal Revenue Code section 501C(6) tax-exempt organization. The Council is managed by an independent Board of Directors approved by the membership. The Directors are elected to two-year terms.

This interdisciplinary organization for professionals involved in all aspects of Estate Planning is comprised of actively practicing Attorneys at Law who are members of the Allegheny County Bar Association; actively practicing Certified Public Accountants; Chartered Life Underwriters; representatives of Banks and Trust Companies, whether nationally or state chartered, who are actively employed in the Trust Department; as well as Certified Financial Planners and Chartered Financial Consultants. The membership of the Corporation may also consist of Emeritus Members who were Members of the Corporation while actively practicing their discipline and who are now in retirement; and Special Members who may from time to time be offered membership by action of the Board of Directors. Individuals to be considered for Membership in any category should be significantly involved in some aspect of the estate planning process and such participation must be demonstrated to the satisfaction of the Board of Directors.

The group’s mission is to foster greater understanding of the roles and relationships of these professionals and to encourage closer cooperative efforts by which to serve clients in the field of estate planning. The organization also provides a forum in which to discuss current issues and keep abreast of trends in the estate planning field.

The Estate Planning Council has four meetings as well as the annual Financial "Four"um. The luncheons include a professional presentation on an issue of common interest to the membership. In addition to experts on estate planning topics of interest, featured speakers at the dinner meetings have included local political and sports figures as well as prominent business owners and executives.

All meetings, with the exception of the Financial "Four"um, are held at the Duquesne Club in downtown Pittsburgh and feature time for networking and interacting with other professionals as well as the speakers. Potential members are always invited to attend as guests.

Membership is by invitation only. The approval process requires personal recommendations from two current members in good standing. The annual membership cost is nominal and includes three luncheons and one dinner as well as social networking events.

For information about the National Organization, visit the website at www.naepc.org.