Estate Planning Council of Pittsburgh

EPC-Pittsburgh is the affiliated Estate Planning Council of the National Association of Estate Planners & Councils (NAEPC). Our organization is focused on establishing and monitoring the highest professional and educational standards and fosters public awareness of the quality services rendered by professionals who meet these standards. The EPC-Pittsburgh and the NAEPC builds a team approach involving cross-professional disciplines to better serve the public’s need in estate planning.


Welcome to our NEWEST MEMBERS!

Christian M. Cavell, CPA, Luttner Financial Group, Ltd.
Paul M. Daniels, Attorney, Paul M. Daniels & Associates
Beth H. Genter, Schenley Capital, Inc.

Philip A. Goldblum, Attorney, Goldblum Sablowsky, LLC
Stefanie L. Pate, JD, MBA, Leech Tishman
Kelly Popovec, CTFA, BNY Mellon
Joshua J. Rihs, Tucker Arensberg, PC
Edward C. Spontak, J.D., Pettit & Spontak PLLC
Elizabeth Summers, Esquire, Cohen & Grigsby

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